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Nifty stuff to be downloaded!

XenServer 7.2 xencenter 7.2.1 download
XenConverter 2.5 X86 download
XenConverter 2.5 X64 download
Vårstädning i serverrummet download
Ohm kalkylator download
Putty (ssh klient) download
DD-WRT .23 & .24 (vpn, Linksys WRT54GL/GS) download
Acronis rescue (.img) download
Pfsense dualwan guide (official page) link
EverstHome (hårdvaru id) download
Panda Antivirus uninstaller download
DeltaCopy download
Iptable script with internetsharing download
Divingequipment servicemanuals (1st + 2nd stages) apollo, apeks, genesis, genesis/Technical Bulletins, genesis/slides, genesis/User Manuals, aqualung, luxfer, mares, thermo-valve, subgear, sitech, dacor
xs-scuba, atomic, beuchat, poseidon, poseidon/1999, poseidon/2003, zeagle
DVD-Decrypter download