Install KODI on Boxee Box

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Wanted to have a copy of the installationscript, just in case 🙂

wget -O /tmp/ && sh /tmp/

(my own copy: )


Upgrade to latest KODI by running the installer again or do it manually:

(original post:

If you run into any issues, try the manual steps below:

– Reboot your Boxee into the Boxee launcher, either by choosing the option from the XBMC power menu, or by running /data/hack/
– Telnet into your Boxee, and run:

rm /data/hack/xbmc/xbmc.sqfs
– This will remove the old XBMC installation (but retain your settings) and reboot your Boxee. You should land into the Boxee launcher again.
– Telnet into your Boxee again, and run:

For the latest release (more stable):
wget -O /data/hack/xbmc/xbmc.sqfs

For the latest testing build:
wget -O /data/hack/xbmc/xbmc.sqfs

– Reboot the Boxee. You should boot into the new build you just installed.

If you have any problems with this method, then you will most likely need to perform a factory reset and start over.

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