Own your Boxeebox

10 steps to own your boxeebox =)
Original post: http://boxeeplus.com/

1. Download boxeebox plus : http://boxeeplus.com/
2. Get an USB or memorycard, format it in FAT32/FAT and name it “BOXEE” <- important all capital!
3. Copy the content from the zip-file you downloaded in step 1. Over to the root/USB/memorycard.
4. Plug it in your boxee.
5. Go over to the boxee settings->network->servers:
6. Make sure the Windows sharing is enabled.
6. Change the Host name to: “boxeebox;sh /media/BOXEE/install.sh”
7. Navigate from the servermenu your boxeebox should turn red. That will mean its working and will take a minute or so. After it will reboot.
Go back to the settings->network->servers to activate the install, and know it should work after restart.
Congrats you are all set to rock ‘on 🙂

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